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Download brochureNestled in the heart of Virginia’s Technology Corridor and adjacent to the Virginia Tech (VT) campus, the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center (VTCRC) is home to over 180 research, technology and support companies. Our 230-acre park is located in a beautiful mountain setting, with easy access to the metropolitan areas of northern Virginia and the nation’s capital. An expansion on the northwest side of the park provides enough land to construct 16 buildings in addition to the 33 single- and multi-tenant buildings currently on-site. The VTCRC employs over 3,000 employees.

For more information about the VTCRC and its programs, download presentation prepared by VTCRC President & CEO, Joe Meredith, Ph.D.
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Calling the New River Valley and Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center… your home: Attracting and retaining talent in Blacksburg {download PDF}
Attract and retain employees

Our Mission: Growing businesses that matter

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Phase II

The VTCRC develops a growing, prestigious research park for high-technology companies. In collaboration with VT, we advance the research, educational and technology transfer missions of the university.

  • The VTCRC advances the research mission by helping to create relationships between companies at the research park and VT.
  • The VTCRC advances the educational mission by working with faculty to identify student projects that can be conducted at the research park.
  • The VTCRC advances the technology transfer mission through a program called VT KnowledgeWorks that helps create companies based on VT-developed technology licensed by Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties, Inc. (VTIP).


  • Enhance the quality, stature and reputation of VT by increasing corporate and government research relationships with VT through tenancy at the VTCRC.
  • Provide facilities and support to the university and Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties, Inc., to help bring faculty research to commercial reality and transfer technology to the private sector.
  • Create and maintain attractive sites, buildings and physical environs for laboratories, offices and other uses in basic and applied research, quality assessment, prototyping and testing.
  • Provide research-related employment for VT undergraduate, graduate, cooperative students, faculty, staff and spouses.
  • Contribute to employment and economic growth in the region and the Commonwealth through the expansion of the park, development of local infrastructure to support the park, support of Strategic Services and support of university outreach initiatives with non-VTCRC companies and communities.
  • Assist with university research programs and initiatives that facilitate economic development activities throughout the university by matching the needs of VTCRC businesses, facilities and programs with the research and professional capabilities of VT thereby increasing the level of industry-sponsored research at VT.
  • To be a profitable subsidiary of the Virginia Tech Foundation, capable of returning income to the Foundation on an annual basis.
  • Assist the university with its teaching mission by identifying opportunities for classes to use the VTCRC and its companies for classroom projects, special studies, internships, cooperative education experiences, and on-site instruction.


VTCRC is a for-profit wholly-owned, private subsidiary of the Virginia Tech Foundation, and is, therefore, not a state entity. Created in July 1985, its first building was completed in 1988.