Go Green! VTCRC Recycling Program


As part of our continuous effort to reduce the overall carbon footprint of our campus, we offer a park-wide recycling program. Collection bins are provided to the tenants for Single-Stream Recyclables. Housekeeping staff will regularly remove and process these recyclable items. Most VTCRC dumpster sites have been converted into Recycling Zones that contain balers for cardboard, waste presses for trash and large bins for recyclables.

Along with the implementation of compacting equipment, we are having local recyclers transport the material directly from the Recycling Zones to their processing facility.

We ask that you join us and help maximize our collective impact by recycling all listed materials. If your office produces large amounts of recyclable materials -- that is, if the quantity greatly exceeds that which can be contained in the bin -- please contact the Administrative Office regarding procedure. We encourage all tenants to use the cardboard balers. They are safe, non-electric and approved for public areas. Simply lift the latch to open the door, place your boxes inside after the press raises, and close/latch the door, it’s that easy!


We do not have a drop spot within the VTCRC to recycle printer toner cartridges, but the following nearby business will accept them:

  • New River Office Supply
    2605 Research Center Drive
    Blacksburg, VA 24060
    Phone: 540-552-6611

Recycling equipment is accessible at 12 different zones throughout the VTCRC.


  • Paper including office paper, newspapers
  • Magazines and catalogs, advertising mail
  • Paperboard including cereal boxes, beverage cartons, packaging material, etc.
  • Colored paper, cardstock
  • Books, telephone books
  • Paper bags
  • Shredded paper, bagged please!
  • Most plastics marked #1-6
    Please empty and rinse food containers
  • All metals including aluminum foil/cans, steel, brass, copper, etc.
  • All glass (please bag broken glass)

The VTCRC cannot recycle Styrofoam or plastic films, packaging materials, plastic bags or bubble wraps.

The Montgomery Regional Solid Waste Authority is now accepting plastic containers. Visit them online at