Animal Research Facility Technician (ARFT)

Landos Biopharma, Inc.

Lee Sandstead


Job Description

Animal Research Facility Technician (ARFT)

Reports to Laboratory Manager (LM) and Scientific Director (SD). See Landos Org Chart.

Location: 1800 Kraft Dr., Suite 216, Blacksburg, VA, 24060, US

Job Type: Part Time/Full Time

Education: Associate’s degree or BS in Animal Sciences

Experience: 1+ years

Travel Required: No

The Position:

Landos Biopharma is looking for a highly motivated Animal Research Facility Technician with previous animal handling experience. The ideal candidate will be well-versed in laboratory animal handling skills, and techniques to support preclinical and clinical studies.


-       Animal Facility Maintenance: Oversee and maintain the Landos laboratory animal facility for biosafety levels 1 and 2

o      supplies, housing, breeding, protocol upkeep, husbandry, rack maintenance, animal records (cage cards, census, temperature/humidity checks), room cleaning, regulatory and safety documentation, posted signage, emergency procedures, facility and animal inspections, and placing orders of supplies and mice.

-       Animal Procedures: conduct various IACUC approved laboratory animal procedures and techniques for Landos projects. Develop new protocols and amendments to be reviewed by the IACUC.

-       Personnel Training: Training of Landos personnel on anything ranging from regulatory aspects of an animal facility to housing and husbandry to animal handling techniques and procedures, plus contribute to animal research projects.

-       Regulatory compliance: Support regulatory compliance efforts as instructed by the senior leadership the IACUC.

-       Genotyping: Aid in the genotyping process including tag & snip, PCR, gel electrophoresis, documentation of genotypes and strain histories.

-       Teamwork: Work independently and collaboratively in a matrixed environment, be able to successfully work with other Landos team members in animal facility upkeep

-       Reporting: Upload mouse census data in the LANDOS mouse colony management system and create reports for experimental results and communicate them to a transdisciplinary team

-       Communication: Keep detailed records of all activities, record these activities in ASANA, the Google Drive, laboratory notebook, the LANDOS Colony Management System (CMS), and Labkey. Provide weekly and bi-weekly updates of the LANDOS animal facility progress to the Lab Manager, Scientific Director, and Landos team.

-       Any new responsibilities as directed by the Landos leadership.

Job Experience:

-       Passion for teamwork, immense energy, absolute integrity, and an A+ attitude.

-       Organized with strong written and verbal communication skills

-       Mouse handling, housing and husbandry, genotyping, SOP development, record keep skills

-       1+ year minimum of relevant experience desired

Important skills:

-       A+ attitude, great work ethic, teamwork, initiative and passion for Landos.

-       Mouse and rat handling, housing and husbandry, genotyping, management, SOP development, record keeping skills

-       Experience implementing murine models of immune-mediated and infectious diseases

-       Oral gavage, IP injections, euthanasia, Glucose tolerance test (GTT), blood


-       Exposure to ABSL2 and infection studies

-       Organized with strong written and verbal communication skills

-       Familiarity with drug development process highly desired

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