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About LLC LLC is a creator of Decentralized Autonomous Corporations (DACs), a concept introduced by CTO Daniel Larimer in 2014 that empowers open source communities to disrupt existing centralized business models. Currently we, along with others globally, are developing EOS.IO, a revolutionary open-source decentralized blockchain infrastructure that will be used worldwide as the basis for developing countless high-throughput blockchain applications. We are looking for extraordinary technology professionals to join the LLC team in our continuing quest to enhance, refine and scale EOS.IO for our rapidly expanding developer community.

About EOS.IO

Published by, EOS.IO is a blockchain protocol that enables horizontal scaling of decentralized applications, allowing developers to efficiently create high performance distributed applications. The EOS.IO software provides accounts, authentication, databases, and the scheduling of applications across multiple CPU cores and/or clusters. This allows for horizontal scalability, replaces user fees with an ownership model, and powers simple deployment of decentralized applications. Check out the EOS.IO GitHub repository to read our source code and, for more information, visit the resources section of the EOS.IO website.

Director of Education LLC aims to make Blacksburg, VA the center of the universe for blockchain thought leadership and we want your help to build a world-class blockchain curriculum at the university level as well as for our internal and on-site partner education programs. We seek a unique individual who is passionate about blockchain, can work with multiple university departments and also manage’s education program.  We plan for this to be a major impact position in our local region as well as within the global blockchain community.


  • Manage the university relationships for
  • Advise university leadership regarding blockchain curriculum across multiple schools
  • Build the internal blockchain and EOSIO training program
  • Define the curriculum
  • Develop the course material in conjunction with subject matter experts
  • Deliver training on an ongoing basis
  • Administer the new employee blockchain training program as part of onboarding
  • Build the training programs to teach third parties to build distributed applications based on EOSIO technology
  • Design and manage the build-out of’s on-site training facility in Blacksburg, VA
  • Manage the production of the EOSIO Blockchain book


  • Demonstrated success working in a university environment with academic deans and department heads
  • Master’s degree in a technical field (e.g. CS, EE) or relevant work experience
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Excellent spoken and written communication skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills

Preferred skills and experience:

  • Teaching at a university level
  • Curriculum development
  • Course content development
  • Background in economics, math or political science
  • Book writing
  • Knowledge of blockchain technology and the industry
  • Knowledge of blockchain governance
  • Familiarity with the EOS.IO software
  • Experience with open source software and/or commercial open source companies
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