Senior Power Electronics Engineer

PowerHub Systems

Glenn Skutt


Job Description

Description:  As a senior power electronics design engineer, you will be driving innovative grid-interactive power conversion product design and execution from concept investigation and design analysis to successful agency-certified production.  The project tasks will include - design analysis, modeling & simulation, schematic/BOM generation, PCB design collaboration, component specification, test & validation, safety agency qualification, and contract manufacturing interface for volume production.  The ideal candidate would have work experience in the grid-tied inverter or energy storage converter industries and knowledge of industry standards for component selection/screening and construction techniques for harsh environments.

Key Qualifications

  • Extensive knowledge of grid-tied power conversion topologies including: isolated and non-isolated full-bridge, bidirectional DC/DC, two-level and multi-level bidirectional bridge
  • Excellent communication skills in both written and oral formats
  • Strong analytical/problem solving skills and ability to guide critical decisions
  • Good understanding of thermal design, mechanical design, and packaging challenges
  • Knowledge of and competence in worst-case circuit analysis
  • High level of motivation with strong personal integrity and attention to details
  • Ability to work well with cross-functional teams
  • Proven track record of working in fast paced innovative work environment
  • Availability for occasional domestic, and potentially international, travel

Tasks and Responsibilities will include:

  • Design simulation (PLECS, MATLAB, LTSPICE) and analytical modeling
  • Risk assessments of converter designs, mitigation plans, and capture of lessons learned
  • Overall circuit design and BOM; work with layout team for circuit layouts
  • Preliminary and critical design reviews with a cross-functional team and/or customers
  • Adherence to robust design methodologies for successful project execution
  • Prototype testing and results validation/documentation
  • Hands-on lab work
  • Keeping abreast of state-of-the art technologies and competitive benchmarking
  • Providing technical support for production issues
  • Failure analysis and resolution

Job duties include:

  • Developing and validating power electronics circuits for high power inverters and battery-based energy storage systems
  • Developing and verifying digital and analog power electronics control hardware
  • Documenting designs, drawings, bills of materials, and test data
  • Reviewing hardware design verification testing procedures and results
  • Developing inverter system hardware and inverter control algorithms
  • Developing and testing power electronic circuits, digital logic circuits, microprocessor designs, and analog circuits
  • Helping to ensure products satisfy regulatory (UL, CSA, IEC, IEEE, EU and EN) requirements as required
  • Evaluating and debugging circuit designs
  • Building test equipment to qualify electronic modules for production
  • Working in a team environment to resolve problems and refine designs
  • Assisting in product and system layout and detail drawings, schematics, and layouts

Required experience/education:

  • Power Electronics, 5 years
  • B.S. Electrical Engineering and extensive industry will be considered, MSEE or 5 years of experience in power electronics preferred
  • US Citizenship or permanent residence status preferred

PowerHub offers a competitive range of benefits, including full health, dental & vision insurance, 401K plan, life insurance, disability insurance and paid holidays & leave.  PowerHub is an Equal Opportunity/VET/Disability Employer.

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