Business Development

Growing businesses that matter!

The VTCRC develops a growing, prestigious research park for high-technology companies. In collaboration with Virginia Tech (VT), we advance the research, educational and technology transfer missions of the university by...

  • ...helping to create research relationships between companies at the VTCRC and VT.
  • ...working with faculty to identify student projects that can be done at the VTCRC.
  • ...VT KnowledgeWorks, a program that helps create companies based on VT-developed technology and licensed by Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties, Inc. (VTIP).


  1. Joe Meredith, Ph.D., President and CEO
  2. Dawn Myers, Chief Operating Officer
  3. Jim Flowers, Executive Director, VT KnowledgeWorks
  4. Melissa Vidmar, Business Development and Communications Manager, for assistance with press release distribution and tenant spotlights for web and social media
  5. Dawn Myers or Pat Morris, Administration Manager, for information on our Jumpstart program (co-working space)

Business Brief asks presidents, leaders and CEO's of companies at the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center (VTCRC) one question... “What key lesson have you learned in business that would help others?”


  1. Center for Innovation and Leadership at Virginia Tech
  2. Research & Innovation at Virginia Tech
  3. Center for Innovation in Learning
  4. Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer (SMIR/STTR)
  5. SourceLinkVirginia
  6. Yes! Montgomery County Virginia
  7. U.S Small Business Administration
  8. Additional resources with VT Knowledgeworks

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