VTCRC Communications

The Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center (VTCRC) strives to be tenants' reliable source of information about the research park and its news and happenings through marketing and communications efforts. The VTCRC helps tenants share their accolades, press releases and news stories via web and social media. If you would like to discuss how we might assist your company with distribution of news to the media, please contact Melissa Vidmar, Business Development and Communications Manager, at 961-3600, ext. 2110.

Growing Businesses that Matter e-Newsletter

  • The VTCRC publishes an electronic newsletter on the second Tuesday of each month. This e-Newsletter is a great way to stay informed on all research park news. You may sign up by entering your email address and news preferences in the right-hand side at the bottom of our website.

The Weekly

  • A weekly email that hits inboxes each Monday, promotes internal news of importance and exclusive events for the companies and employees of the research park. If you would like to receive this email, please send your request to Melissa Vidmar.


  • The VTCRC will post flyers or notices on the building entry doors and on building bulletin boards. Advertising is not permitted, without approval from Melissa Vidmar.  You may stop by the Administrative Office or email a sample for approval prior to printing.

Social Media

Press Releases

  • If you require assistance or help distributing press releases to the media, please contact Melissa Vidmar. We can also post press releases on our news section of our website, and from time to time our scrolling banner on our home page.

Networking + www.vtcrc.com/events

  • The Roanoke - Blacksburg Technology Council (RBTC) no longer charges for locally headquartered Technology Member companies that have 1-9 employees, this is their way of giving back to the startup technology community that we aspire to connect, grow and lead! Please contact Heather Baum Fay heather@rbtc.tech or 540-443-9232 ext. 2. www.thetechnologycouncil.com

    The Administrative Office hosts many networking events both social and educational. View all our happenings at www.vtcrc.com/events.

Tenant Spotlights and Business Brief

  • The VTCRC is proud to offer a “tenant spotlights” section on the website. This section focuses on who you are and what you do. These spotlights also get pushed out to our social media outlets offering more media exposure for you company. View previous stories at www.vtcrc.com/tenant-stories.

    Business Brief asks presidents and CEO's of companies at the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center (VTCRC) one question... “What key lesson have you learned in business that would help others?” Please contact Melissa Vidmar to highlight your company or participate in a Business Brief.

Park Mailboxes

  • Most companies in the park have a park mailbox (different than your postal mailbox) provided by the Administrative Office. We often put important notices, invoices and information in them. We ask that you please check them at least once a week.

Tenant Planned Events

  • If your company has planned an event that you would like to promote in The Weekly to the research park, email Melissa Vidmar with details and any images you wish to use.

Park Perks

  • Not your average card aisle... make it your own! 1) Pick your card 2) Personalize and 3) Print | Located in the lobby of 1715 Pratt Drive

    The VTCRC offers a resource to allow tenants a central location to either inquire about or promote office furniture and accessories to buy or sell.

    Current tenants can post their available career opportunities and internships online which stay active for 60 days after approved.