Electrical Services

The VTCRC is fortunate to be one of very few business parks in the world that have two major electrical feeds coming into the park. This provides a backup power feed so that if one feed fails, VT Electric can switch to the other electricity source. While this system does not guarantee loss of power, the track record is excellent. Electrical power has been lost only three times since 1990. This record of reliability is beyond what the local electricity provider has!

Both feeds have been out at once - an event whose probability is so low as to be many places behind the decimal point. But as noted above, every few years those laws of probability apply. So, how can tenants best prepare for such events?

Preparing for a loss of power

First, know that the second feed switchover is not automatic. If electricity is lost on the main feed, then VT Electric must go to the several switches located throughout the park and manually switch to the other feed. This can take up to several hours depending on the circumstances and the cause of the outage. Tenants need to plan for the possibility of these short outages by having battery UPS's for computers that will allow a shutdown without losing information.

Second, in the highly unlikely event that both feeds are down, tenants need to be prepared for a much longer timeframe of no power. Events of this nature can be caused by outages that occur because of major storms that take out power in the southwest Virginia region causing the loss of both feeds instead of just one. Tenants whose business, computers, or labs must stay up under any and all circumstances need to purchase a backup generator.

The VTCRC recommends tenants develop a response procedure if uninterrupted electrical service is critical to operation. For questions about how electrical service is structured at the VTCRC, feel free to email Stephen Reeves, General Services Coordinator.