Sports Leagues

The VTCRC offers SPORTS LEAGUES for ALL tenants and employees looking for friendly competition, exercise and a fun way to network after work. Plus, it's a great way to release all the stresses of the day! If you would like more information, please email or call Mary Heavener at 540-961-3600, ext. 2107.

Carilion Wellness: To receive the VTCRC discount, bring employee verification form to the Administrative Office for verification signature.

  • Per month membership: 20% discount ($28 for individual/$40 for household)
  • Per year membership: 30% discount ($294 for individual/$420 for household)
  • Questions? Colby Jordon, CRC Carilion Wellness Site Manager

Weight Watchers 12 WEEK SERIES – Every Thursday
Concept Conference Room, 1880 Pratt Drive, Suite 2018 @ the VTCRC from 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. Contact Angel Chadwell at 540-599-9301 if you have questions or to RSVP.

Yoga, Wellness and Gemstones Studio: HK HighKicks

EHE Clinic - Holistic Wellness program

Spring Golf | Fall Golf | Volleyball | Bowling


VT On-Campus Golf Course

New league begins April 3, 2017
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Previous League Results2016 winners
2016 champions:
Glenn Bohr and Steven Castle, VT Business Intelligence Services    
Final league RESULTS

2015 champions:
Glenn Bohr and Steven Castle, VT Business Intelligence Services       
Final league RESULTS

2014 champions: 
First place: Russ Myers and Brian Gehrt
Second place: Tim Leake and Jim Wyers


VT On-Campus Golf Course

Previous League Results
2016 - Cancelled
2015 champions:
Sultans of Swing: Jason Patrick and Eli Sharp
Whitman, Requardt & Associates
Final league RESULTS


Courts: 1880 Pratt Drive and behind 1901 building on Innovation Drive

New league begins May 1, 2017 and ends July 28, 2017
2017 seson details: All-Pro Scheduler
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Previous League Results

2016 season details: All-Pro Scheduler
Thanks Next Generation Enrollment: Action pics!
Regular season champions: Spirit Fingers

2015 season details: All-Pro Scheduler
Social and trophy presentation: Social photo
Regular season champions: Served Cold
Tournament champions: I’d Hit It


CineBowl & Grille, 1614 South Main Street, Blacksburg, VA 24060

2016 final stats

2016 League teams include:

  • Little Lebowski Urban Achievers: VT School of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences, VCOM, ILSB
  • Who Gives a Split: Harmonia Holdings Group
  • I Can't Believe It's Not Gutter: LinearB Systems; Whitman, Requardt & Assoc., and VT Alumni Relations
  • BADRAGOO, 1901 Group
  • 1901 Ballers, 1901 Group
  • Gut-ter-done, National Bank (5-week league update: Currently in first place)
  • We Don't Give a Split!, Solers Inc.

Bowling league 2016Bowling league 2016 winners

Previous League Results

2016 Bowling league season results:
CRC Winter Bowling League ID 93355

  • Congratulations to Phoenix Rising (Rohan, Carl, Kevin, Chad and Patrick) for taking home the title for the VTCRC Winter Bowling League also to top bowlers Grant and Carrie!
  • Passing of the trophy (4/5/16): (R) I can't believe it's not gutter 2015 champs passing to 2016 champs Phoenix Rising

2015 Fall Bowling league winners (photo)
Team name: I can't believe it's not gutter
Team players: Frank Owen, Carrie Childress, Christian Whysong and John Holst!

2015 Fall Bowling league season results:
CRC League ID #91389