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In July of 2012, a local company with a global impact, Marshall Miller & Associates, merged with Australian infrastructure and environmental services company Cardno to form Cardno MM&A. "We're excited to join Cardno because we're always looking for ways to better serve our clients," said Scott Keim, MM&A President. As a leader in the mineral resource, environmental and carbon management industries, Cardno MM&A's clients include an impressive array of private companies and governmental agencies from Virginia to Venezuela and beyond.

If your grandmother were to ask what your company does, what would you tell her?

Our company, Cardno MM&A, helps clients develop their energy needs while considering the environment. We have employees that are excited about the work they do in mining, carbon management, environmental management and geophysics and are committed to the success of both our clients and the communities in which they operate. It feels good to contribute to an effort that has such a lasting impact on the lives of so many.

What differentiates your company from others in the industry?

How we treat people. Cardno MM&A is part of Cardno Limited, a 7,000 person global environmental and engineering consultancy. Even though we’re a large firm, Cardno maintains what we call our “family feel.” It’s very important to us that our staff feel connected to each other and find meaning in the work that they do

Of all your company's achievements, which are you most proud of?

Our ability to thrive in changing market conditions. Since Marshall Miller and Associates began in 1975, we’ve always had a forward-looking market focus to ensure we could serve our clients well and adapt to industry trends before they were well known. Through our proactive business planning, we have been able to diversify and expand our services and now, as part of Cardno, we’re able to truly grow globally.

In broad terms, what have you thought of your experience in the CRC?

We couldn’t be more pleased.  The CRC campus and facilities are first class, professionally-operated, and a great place to do business.

How has being in the CRC helped your organization become who they are today?

Our branch office at the CRC has been open just over a year, but we’ve already seen a lot of advantages to the location.  And we anticipate more in the future, especially in the areas of attracting top new talent and continuing to collaborate with research projects at Virginia Tech.

Do you have any specific examples of situations where the CRC has helped you in some way?

We’ve been able to make good use of the CRC’s conferencing and support facilities for larger meetings and presentations.  The convenient café and catering service on-campus has also been a real plus for that also.

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