Q & A with Dr. Vladimir Kochergin, President & CEO of MicroXact, Inc.

Q & A with Dr. Vladimir Kochergin, President & CEO of MicroXact, Inc. Image

MicroXact, a previous tenant of the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center (VTCRC) from November 2009 – January 2012, has rejoined the research park community as of February 2014. The VTCRC welcomes them back!

MicroXact was founded in 2004 as a Semiconductor and MEMS machining and prototyping facility. Since then, the company has consistently provided development, engineering design and product manufacturing on-time and on-budget resulting in a high level of customer satisfaction. The repeat-customer base ranges from university labs and start-up companies to government labs and Fortune 100 corporations. The MicroXact team has diverse expertise covering the areas of physics, optics, advanced electronic design, software development and mechanical design.

MicroXact utilizes partnerships with industry-leading corporations as well as academic institutions who are the pioneers of their fields. In addition, the team members are carefully selected to give MicroXact a significant advantage in the process of taking a concept through prototype development to a final product. These members have a proven track record in their fields and enable MicroXact to excel both as a service provider and as a product developer.

Q & A with Dr. Vladimir Kochergin, President & CEO

Q. What are some recent achievements or news your company is most proud of and why?

A. MicroXact successfully installed the fully automated thermal/laser cutting prober that is used 24/7 in production. It is by far the most complex and productive solution we have delivered to date.

The LCS-4000 Probe Station with Integrated Laser Cutting System gives the user maximum flexibility in semiconductor diagnostic cutting, failure analysis, trimming, marking and topside layer removal. All of these functions can be performed on a microscopic level, all in one system which provides a high level of performance that is remarkably easy to use. For more details on this system, visit http://microxact.com/product/laser-cutting-prober/.

Q. What exciting projects are you working on that you would like to share?

A. We are working on the development of a combined electromagnet/superconducting magnet cryogenic prober for testing spintronic devices over wide temperature ranges at multidimensional magnetic fields up to 5 tesla (a unit of magnetic induction equal to one weber per square meter). The solution will provide accurate, fast and reliable EMI and radiation immune temperature mapping of superconducting cavities with very high sensor density at a low cost per sensing point, using a machine that boasts ease of calibration, installation and use.

Q. Why did you choose the VTCRC for your office/company location?

A. The VTCRC offers companies a convenient location, versatility and opportunity to expand.

1750 Kraft Drive, Suite 1007
Blacksburg, VA 24060