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Business Assistance

Entrepreneurs and businesses are focused on their research and product and service development; but there are other areas of your operation that may still need consideration – personnel, marketing, public relations, funding and more.

Innovation thrives at the research park and we are here to assist and help grow businesses that matter!

Business Plan Development: Halfway there? Not sure where to start?  The entrepreneurship experts at VT KnowledgeWorks can help you realistically evaluate and improve your strategy.

Presentations to Investors: We can tell you who to talk to and how to talk to them. Our referral service puts you in contact with angels, venture capitalists and bankers.

Students: Our location means that co-ops, interns and summer hires are right at your doorstep.

Flexible Leasing Arrangements

The VTCRC's unique leasing structure allows for movement and growth in a way that you won't find anywhere else. Those in the real estate industry call it crazy. You'll call it your dream come true.

Variable Term Leases  Not all leases are created equal. If you need space for extra staff during a big project, we'll work with you to find a "short term" solution. If you've built out your perfect office with us, sign on for a long-term agreement. We're not afraid of commitment.

Ability to Relocate  Early stage or small companies can move at any time, for any reason, anywhere in the park (that's not currently occupied). We'll stretch or shrink your lease to fit your needs.

Customizable Office Space

Need we say more? The VTCRC will work with you to create your ideal operating environment. Is it 5,000 square feet of rolling desks, whiteboard walls and an exposed ceiling? Maybe just one room with a great view of the lake? You decide.

Expansions/Upfits  Update or enlarge your current space. Our team will work with you to coordinate and schedule trusted vendors from around the community.

Create Something New  Set up a new office just the way you want it. Renovate an existing space or talk to us about starting from the ground up: we've got enough land to construct an entire building just for you.

Lab Space  As a research park, we have lots of lab space in our existing buildings. We can accommodate wet labs, dry labs and clean rooms.

Security  We'll rise to your level; just let us know what you need.

Fixed Commodity Pricing Structure

Predictable pricing helps you plan for the future. The VTCRC follows firm guidelines that help keep lease rates balanced and consistent throughout the park.

Annual Evaluations  Each year, VTCRC lease rates are adjusted according to the previous year's Consumer Price Index (CPI). This means that cost is not based on demand and is therefore less volatile and more predictable.

Adjustment is on Your Terms   Annual escalations in rent occur on the anniversary of your lease date -- not at the beginning of the fiscal year -- saving you money.

In an attempt to charge all tenants equal amounts per square foot, this aspect of leasing space at the VTCRC is non-negotiable. We do it in your best interest, keeping lease rates as low as possible.

Discounts via community affiliates

The VTCRC has developed a set of unique partnerships with local businesses that provide special benefits to our tenants. Your employees will love you.

Exclusive Access  Discounts on ... Rental Car | Promotional Products | Financial Planning | Banking | Relocation Specialist | Auto & Homeowners Insurance | Printing and Marketing Consultation | Accounting | Business Services & Supplies | Car Repair | Hotels |  Staffing & Human Resources | Wellness : YOU can't get these deals anywhere else.

Community Synergy  By patronizing VTCRC affiliates, you're supporting the local economy -- making Blacksburg and the NRV a better place to live, work and play.

Not your typical landlord

The VTCRC wants to be part of your success, and we believe we have what it takes to make it happen. We pride ourselves on "growing businesses that matter."

A Great Location  A Tier 1 research university, the best place in the U.S. to raise kids and a "dream town" for outdoor enthusiasts: The NRV has it all.

Unique Connections  The VTCRC is nationally recognized for excellence (member, Academy of Outstanding Research Parks by Association of University Research Parks); let us put our network to work for you.

Technical Expertise  We've been in the business for more than 30 years, but we haven't seen it all. Come to us with your new idea and we'll use our experience to help you see it through.  

Building Bridges, Together  We'll help you establish mutually beneficial relationships with the university and other companies throughout the park. The VTCRC is what we make it, and we'd like to make it a community.


Contact: Please call, email or stop by the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center Administrative Office with any questions you may have at 1715 Pratt Drive, Suite 1000.

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