Corporate Wellness

360 iconsBecause we often spend 40 + hours a week working, the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center wants a community that promotes a complete well-rounded program to promote healthiness for both mind and body. Our focus is to provide companies with six essential elements to assist your employees with a fulfilled balanced life through our VTCRC 360°: Corporate Wellness Program. #VTCRC360

  1. Purpose: Liking what you do each day; achieving your goals; educational growth #VTCRCpurpose
  2. Social: Having collaborative relationships and networking interactions #VTCRCsocial
  3. Financial: Managing your economic life to reduce stress and increase security #VTCRCfinancial
  4. Community: Liking where you live and having pride in your community #VTCRCcommunity
  5. Physical: Having good health (physically/mentally) #VTCRCphysical
  6. Healthy Eating: Making good food choices to fit your health and dietary goals #VTCRChealthy


VTCRC 360° Workshops are for the learning and career development of employees of the research park. These workshops encompasses a variety of topics relative to many industries such as Human Resources, Business, Marketing, Sales, Information Technology, Finance, Biotechnology, certification courses and personal fulfillment topics (i.e. CPR training).

Business Bites: Business Bites is a workshop conducted by a company that is not a sponsor or affiliated with the research park, or a current tenant wishing to present. Topics are relevant to the company requesting the workshop. {Download request form}


  • Events: The VTCRC holds numerous events each month to focus on social engagement, networking, and collaboration (i.e. Tenant & Family Picnic, Banquet, Golf Tourney, Chili Cook-off, Employee Appreciation Day, Leagues, Festival of Trees, Holiday Open Houses, etc.)


As part of the Special Interest Workshops, the VTCRC provides finance topics for both professional and personal purposes to help with your company’s financial decisions and/or your families economic happiness and success. Financial special events are held by many of our financial companies located right here in the park that focus on their areas of expertise throughout the year (i.e. Financial Fridays with National Financial Services)

Affiliates program: Offering exclusive discounts and perks to employees and companies, to include finances.


The VTCRC works with many community organization that hold races and walks at the research park. The community and employees are encouraged to take part with their company, co-workers, friends and/or family (i.e. Brewser Boot Camp Run and Hokie Half marathon)

To promote community outside the park, employees may partake in our Salvation Army Angel Tree and Humane Society of Montgomery County Programs.

Child care: To make a smoother transition back to work for mothers and fathers and for those working at the research park with day care aged children, the VTCRC is pleased to offer priority enrollment for childcare services through partnership with Rainbow Riders Childcare Center.


Carilion Wellness CRC - 1715 Pratt Drive

Employees receive exclusive discounts on membership pricing - proceed to Employee Verification Form

  • Per month membership:
    20% discount ($28 for individual/$40 for household)

  • Per year membership:
    30% discount ($294 for individual/$420 for household)

  • Hours of operation:
    M-F 5:30 a.m. - 9:30 p.m.
    Sat. and Sun. 7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

EHE Clinic: Holistic Wellness program

With the comprehensive holistic program, Dr. Yang makes you a step-by-step plan that helps build positive changes in your body and life. This plan includes 15 treatments that include acupuncture, moxibustion, herbal formulas and diagnosis, seven-star needles, cupping and more.

Disc Golf: Phase I of the research park

Sports Leagues: Includes golf, volleyball and bowling


Beautiful recreational trails, both paved and unpaved, are conveniently located throughout the VTCRC. These connect to the Huckleberry Trail where it crosses Research Center Drive to provide well-established biking, running and walking paths for miles.

In Balance Yoga: From time to time, Yoga classes will take place around the park, such as the Amphitheater during the lunch time hours.


Step 1: Register as a new participant / student
Step 2: Register for a class

Healthy Eating

To be the best and most productive employee, you must choose what you eat during your workday very wisely. Too often, we reach for sugary drinks, candy bars, and other high-fat, high-sugar, high-calorie products during our workday. These poor choices can lead to fatigue, lower energy levels, decreased mental effectiveness, and decreased productivity. Empty calories lead to empty solutions, and your mind and body deserve better.

But, there is a wonderful solution. There are healthy food and drink choices that you can make during your day at work that can help you to be your best. Not only will these nutritious products help increase your productivity, but they will leave you feeling fuller longer and more energized.

See what Wikiteria Café, Tillerman Coffee Co. or food trucks are offering to fit your healthy eating lifestyle