Maintenance Services

Online Maintenance Request System

For non-emergency maintenance service requests, submit your request for repair.

To ensure quality maintenance services, please use the VTCRC's online Maintenance Request system in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • Submit one item per request.
  • Describe a problem by sticking to the facts.
    •  Example: “Trash was not emptied in office 2110 last night” instead of “The janitorial service does a lousy job.”
  • Be timely and specific.
    • Don’t wait to let things accumulate; submit requests as they occur.
  • Make sure to provide a valid email address.
    • The system is designed to provide status updates via email and therefore requires a valid email address for communication.
  • Understand which services are provided and for which ones tenants are billed.
  • Use the “Response” emails that are initiated by the system.
    • The system gives a contractor a reasonable amount of time to correct a problem. If the contractor does not satisfactorily complete the task in the specific timeframe, use the reply tags on the email to let VTCRC Administration know.
  • Allow a reasonable amount of time.
    • The VTCRC processes thousands of requests per year and uses dozens of contractors. If it is an emergency, tenants should follow the VTCRC's Prompt Response procedures. Otherwise, tenants should allow a few days for the request to be processed.
  • Use the system as it is designed.
    • Calling or emailing the VTCRC Administrative Office slows down the process and makes it harder to capture the evaluation of completed work.

The maintenance system is the VTCRC's record of facts. It monitors and tracks requests and contractors involved in maintenance services. Tenants are encouraged to use this system for optimal results.

Please contact the VTCRC Administrative Office with any questions or concerns.

Provided Services

The VTCRC provides the following services to the tenants in the park as part of the lease:


Janitorial service is provided in the evenings 5 times per week and consists of basic floor cleaning, trash removal, and cleaning of public areas. The Cleaning Specifications section provides details. Specific tasks may differ for lab areas. Janitorial staff are not allowed to unlock doors for tenants under any circumstances. Tenants with a question or complaint should contact the VTCRC Administrative Office.

Carpet Cleaning

The carpets are cleaned annually by a professional contractor as a service to tenants. Tenants needing additional cleaning due to spills or special occasions should contact the VTCRC Administrative Office for assistance.

Window Cleaning

All windows in the park are cleaned both inside and out on an annual basis by an outside contractor. If additional glass cleaning is needed, it can be arranged by VTCRC Administration.

Maintenance Services

The VTCRC is responsible for replacing building light bulbs, maintaining electrical service to the suites, providing heating and cooling, and keeping doors and other building equipment in good operation. For needs in any of those areas, please submit your request via the Maintenance Request Form.

Touch-Up Painting

The VTCRC will provide tenants with paint to do basic touch up for walls that are painted in the standard VTCRC White. {download form}

Contractor Services

The VTCRC can coordinate and provide contracting services for remodeling or other needs. Please contact the VTCRC Administrative Office.

Please Remember...

The VTCRC strives to make all offices as care-free as possible. Please keep these things in mind:

  • Outside contractors used by the park to provide services are governed by specific contractual duties and obligations. The VTCRC ensures completion of contracted services. Contractors are prohibited from performing any services that are not arranged for in advance with appropriate compensation.
  • The VTCRC Facilities Team is allowed to work only on properties and equipment owned by the VTCRC. They are not allowed to move tenant furniture, hang tenant furnishings such as marker boards, or otherwise. The VTCRC can arrange for an outside contractor to contact tenants if needed.
  • Because of liability the VTCRC does not periodically spray pesticides for insects or rodents park-wide. However, the VTCRC can arrange for traps to be set or spraying to be done to address a specific problem. It is the tenant’s responsibility to keep food and other attractants stored properly.
  • The conditions of leasing require the suite to be left in the same condition as when it was originally occupied. This typically means clean walls without holes or scars and flooring that is clean, not frayed. The VTCRC will provide VTCRC White touch-up painting or arrange for contractors to come in after vacancy for a charge.