Effective July 22, 2009:

For buildings owned by the Virginia Tech Foundation or the VTCRC, smoking (to include electronic cigarettes) will not be permitted within 25 feet of building entrances, exits, windows or air intakes. Smoking is permitted outdoors on VTCRC grounds, plazas, sidewalks, malls and other similar open pedestrian-ways. The VTCRC has established areas within the park that provide picnic tables and a smoking oasis (view map).

The VTCRC is committed to providing a safe, healthy and pleasant learning and working environment for its tenant’s employees and students. This policy is an effort to protect tenant’s employees and students from the potential health hazards and discomfort of exposure to smoke, while also recognizing and respecting the rights of those who choose to smoke. 

Please notify all employees of this policy and ask that they utilize the smoking areas and refrain from throwing cigarette butts on VTCRC grounds. Feel free to contact the VTCRC Administrative Office should you need additional information.

Revised 9/27/17 {updated map}