Waste Disposal

Tenants must dispose of crates, boxes, pallets, etc., which will not fit into office wastepaper baskets or building dumpsters, by taking them to the county landfill. Tenants must refrain from putting these large items in VTCRC trash bins as the scope of VTCRC housekeeping services does not include removal. In no event should tenants set such items in public hallways or other areas of the building for disposal.

The VTCRC will, at the tenant's expense, arrange for proper disposal of waste if the tenant does not have means to dispose of it themselves.

The VTCRC does not provide hazardous (i.e. chemical) waste management service removal for tenants. It is the responsibility of the tenant to provide proper disposal.

The following companies provide these services. Please note the VTCRC is not endorsing this list; rather providing links to local services.