Working Together

For disruptors with a hunger for collaboration and innovation, the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center is a destination for breakthroughs. The VTCRC offers unmatched resources and amenities for businesses to thrive, and the flexibility with our #SpaceWithPurpose to do so. Our facilities cater to visionaries seeking to unlock new market potential. At its core, the VTCRC is a community where ideas collide and milestones are achieved daily.

Great Community

Our culture of winning...

  • Community: The VTCRC cultivates a vibrant community of creative individuals that support one another.
  • Curiosity: The VTCRC embraces intellectual curiosity and encourages the desire to grow and learn.
  • Collision: The VTCRC promotes the collision of ideas and innovators to disrupt industries.

Accessible Services

Find out what suites are available at the research park; simply request access, and we will send you login credentials to begin your search. If you don't see what you are looking for, contact us. We are ready to help you find a home with us.

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