Events Support Coordinator


Lindsey Eversole


Job Description

The RBTC is looking for a student intern to assist with event planning, event management, and execution. The RBTC is a member-driven association working to promote the growth of the Roanoke-Blacksburg technology community by offering events, programs, and workshops for its members to connect with each other and grow personally, professionally, and corporately. We help unify the region and its companies through intentional programming to help support a regional innovation ecosystem. We desire to recruit an intern that will assist to:

  • plan event components for its members, under the guidance and leadership of the RBTC
  • research regional venues/caterers for its programs/events
  • provide administrative support with event registration
  • execute various event components and offer professional in-person support at events

Prospective interns should have an interest in event planning and event management, so students with a Hospitality focus would be desired. An understanding and knowledge of Microsoft Office suite tools and platforms, like Excel, Microsoft Word, and PowerPoint, are desirable. This person should demonstrate excellent time management, problem-solving, and
administrative skills, and have a high attention to detail. The applicant will enjoy being at the forefront of planning events and programs that bring value to Roanoke-Blacksburg technology members and companies. This is an excellent opportunity to personally grow your personal and professional network in Roanoke-Blacksburg.

If interested, contact RBTC Events Director, Lindsey Eversole at We are flexible to work with the student on obtaining course credit for this position, and/or receive compensation for this role. The RBTC will also work with the student to discuss flexible work hours, their schedule, and options to work remotely and in our Roanoke office. There is the possibility that this internship could be an ongoing, year-round need.

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