Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the answers to some of the most common questions posed by those in the VTCRC community. 

  • Question: I have a maintenance issue in my suite/building. How do I get it resolved?

Answer: At the top of our website, simply click “Maintenance Request” to submit details on your maintenance issue.

  • Question: How do I report an emergency maintenance issue after hours, on weekends or on holidays for issues that cannot wait until the next business day?

Answer: You may call our prompt service provider GJ Hopkins at 540-982-1873. For additional after hours assistance, please refer to the top of our website and click after hours assistance.

  • Question: How do I access the Blacksburg Transit (BT) and other means of transportation at the park?

Answer: View the CRC Blacksburg Transit route and download a schedule. Click here. Learn more about additional transportation methods

  • Question: Do I need a parking pass at the VTCRC for game day parking?

Answer: No parking passes are required at this time. Barriers are setup to deter non-VTCRC employees from utilizing our parking lots. Tenants are welcome to park at the VTCRC on game days. Virginia Tech fan guide, special bus service and more

  • Question: Are housekeeping services included in the lease rate?

Answer: Offices are vacuumed and trash is collected daily. In addition, the VTCRC Administrative Office will schedule carpet and window cleanings with notifications sent in advance to tenants.

  • Question: What are the slots mounted to the wall in my building?

Answer: The VTCRC provides park mailboxes, different than USPS mailboxes, which are located in most buildings around the research park. These park mailboxes are used for distribution of invoices and happenings. We ask that you check these at least once a week. If you cannot find your park mailbox or have questions about on-site drop box locations for private carriers such as FedEx, UPS and DHL, please contact the VTCRC Administrative Office.

  • Question: Why do I need to provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI)?

Answer: The COI provides evidence of insurance to meet the requirements stipulated in the lease agreement. Also, thirty (30) days prior to the expiration of company COI, an updated copy with revised date will need to be provided to the VTCRC Administrative Office.

  • Question: How do I obtain internet access and phone service?

Answer: The upgraded VTCRC network delivers 1 gigabit internet circuits to each office suite. This level of connectivity is one hundred times faster than most organizations are using today. Additionally, tenants gain the benefit of scale. Enterprise-class IT services are available at competitive rates, with streamlined ordering and local support. Learn details, tier information and more at

  • Question: How do I sign-up to receive weekly research park updates?

Answer: At the bottom of our website you may sign up to receive our email communications. If your company has an employee listserv, you may contact Melissa Vidmar, Business Development and Communications Manager, at with the address.

  • Question: How do I find out all the services and benefits offered to my company and employees?

Answer: You may visit to learn more about: Affiliates (companies offering exclusive discounts/services to research park employees); buy/sell office furniture; dry cleaning; food options; Carilion Wellness; child care; medical office and more.

  • Question: Why am I being charged interest on my outstanding bills?

Answer: Rent and other services that are not paid within 15 days of the due date will bear interest at the rate of 12% per annum. Accounts with rent that are overdue by more than 30 days will be reviewed and could be placed with a collection agency.

  • Question: How can I avoid interest and late fee charges?

Answer:  The VTCRC, in connection with Union First, offers automatic payment drafting of rent and data service payments. You may download the form and return to the VTCRC Administrative Office, (Attention: Accountant), to set up account.

  • Question: Why am I receiving a tax bill from Montgomery County?

Answer:  The VTCRC is exempt from property taxes imposed by the County of Montgomery and Town of Blacksburg, Virginia. Section 58.1-3203 of the Virginia code allows the appropriate local municipalities to tax the leasehold interest in property that is exempt from taxation to the owner.

  • Question: When are VTCRC buildings locked and unlocked?

Answer: The VTCRC unlocks buildings at 7:00 a.m. and locks them at 6:00 p.m. M-F. They are locked on the weekends. Prior notice will be given for scheduled VTCRC closings. During those times, VTCRC staff will not lock or unlock buildings and tenants are responsible for securing buildings in which their suites are located. You may use your swipe card to enter buildings during times when buildings are locked. If you need a swipe card or have questions, please contact the VTCRC Administrative Office.

  • Question: Does the VTCRC provide recycling options and trash disposal services?

Answer: Collection bins are provided to tenants for Single-Stream Recyclables. Housekeeping staff will regularly remove and process these recyclable items. Cardboard boxes are the responsibility of the tenant. These may be placed in the cardboard balers at any one of the 12 recycling zones throughout the VTCRC. Tenants must provide their own wastepaper baskets. Tenants must dispose of crates, boxes, pallets, etc., which will not fit into office wastepaper baskets or building dumpsters by hauling them to the county landfill. Tenants must refrain from putting these large items in VTCRC trash bins as the scope of VTCRC housekeeping does not include their removal. In no event should tenants set such items in public hallways or other areas of the building for disposal. The VTCRC will, at the tenant's expense, arrange for proper disposal of waste if the tenant does not have means to dispose of it themselves. If desired, the VTCRC can also arrange for cardboard pickups at the tenant suite.

  • Question:  Are there other resources I need to know about?

Answer: Our website offers beneficial links of interest for companies/employees. These links include reserve a conference room, reserve a recreational area, events and careers (post opportunities as a complimentary service). Christine Spalding, Administrative Assistant, will be in touch shortly after you move-in to set up a meeting with Melissa Vidmar, Business Development and Communications Manager, to discuss in more detail the research park’s amenities, services and see how your new space is working out for your company!