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ACI, a company perhaps best known for creating VT football coach Frank Beamer's personal website, provides a wide range of customized information technology solutions to its clients. They have become a bigger, better company since opening the doors of their first CRC office in 1996. Read on to learn more about ACI's mission, vision, and experience.

If your grandmother were to ask what your company does, what would you tell her?

Automation Creations, Inc. specializes in creating custom software for the web, mobile devices, and desktop computers. We have over twenty employees who do everything from writing computer code to project management, as well as software training, quality assurance, graphic design, network management, and hardware maintenance. Our customers are typically businesses of 3 to 100 employees, although we do some work for the Federal Government and Virginia Tech.

What differentiates your company from others in the industry?

There are several things that set us apart from other custom software companies. We have a large staff of talented experts, and we guarantee our work: if what we deliver doesn't work as our customer specified, we fix it for free. Also, the intellectual property stays with the customer, not ACI.  We are different from a software staffing firm because we can provide project management, hosting, training, QA, and support. Other distinctions include that we are a service-disabled veteran-owned small business, and we have a certified HUBZone status (Historically Underutilized Business Zone).

Of all your company's achievements, which are you most proud of?

Our proudest achievement? There have been numerous ones, but the one everyone in this region instantly connects with is—Frank Beamer's personal website with exclusive Hokie Football content. We have a portfolio of hundreds of projects, from the US Army to VT Knowledge Works, but for some reason, everybody relates to the Hokies!

In broad terms, what have you thought of your experience in the CRC?

The Corporate Research Center is without a doubt the best possible location for our business in Southwest Virginia. Our proximity to Virginia Tech, combined with the close association to so many leading-edge, technology-based businesses, has created a culture of innovation, hard work, and desire to learn that just can't be matched anywhere else. It certainly helps that the CRC staff goes out of its way to ensure we have the best network infrastructure; nearby resources for employees such as a physician's office, bank, restaurant, and health club; and access to a great network of business leaders in our region.

How has being in the CRC helped your organization become who they are today?

As mentioned above, the access to resources and the support of the CRC staff have been of great benefit. Since 1996, we have enjoyed growing at the CRC.

Do you have any specific examples of situations where the CRC has helped you in some way? The scenario, the results?

Early in our first website launch, we found another company using our brand name in their website tags to try to gain search engine results. I talked to Joe Meredith the same afternoon I discovered it, and Joe put me in touch with a "bulldog" lawyer who immediately helped file for a copyright on our name, and sent the competition a cease-and-desist notice. We probably have a dozen examples like this every year, where someone in the CRC knows just who to call or what options are available. The CRC is more than just an office park; it’s a supportive community with a strong technology-business culture.

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