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With over 3,500 employees at the research park, we are swimming in a deep pool of talent from creatives and scientists to designers and developers. In Blacksburg, VA? Again, YES! Because of the quality of life, being adjacent to a top-notch university and part of a community where entrepreneurs and companies are changing the world… it’s no secret that we are the best-kept secret.

Since 1985, we have had over 750 premier organizations call us home. We have grown to over 36 buildings and you ask, “What we are doing in these buildings?” The employees here are disrupting industries and making 10x the impact. They are changing how we conduct business and finding solutions so we can live better lives.

Developing ecosystems, engaging in the community, and creating a culture where companies and their employees can live, work, and play, are critical factors in recruiting the best. And that’s just what we are doing.