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The #StartDisrupting podcast began in 2021, and is about the innovators, scientists, creatives, and designers who are disrupting and initiating positive opportunity and impact in new markets. The Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center’s CEO, Brett Malone, Ph.D. talks with companies that call our enterprise home, industry guests, partners, and stakeholders on everything from entrepreneurship, biotech to software, and more.

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Episodes 1-7

  • Big Data Requires Team Science: Learn how to use real-world data from patient records to power virtual clinical trials and mine for new clinical trends
  • Celebrating Women’s History Month with Amy Ankrum, President & CEO of Qualtrax
  • Powering Quantum Computing with Bo Ewald of ColdQuanta
  • Hokie Entrepreneur Living Every Week Like It’s Shark Week with George Probst
  • From Blacksburg to Mars with Dan Sable Ph.D. Founder & CEO, VPT
  • Antarctica: Drug Discovery Beneath the Ice with James B. McClintock, Ph.D. (University of Alabama at Birmingham, Polar & Marine Biology) and Bill J. Baker, Ph.D. (University of South Florida, Chemist)
  • Erik Gatenholm, CEO of Cellink